• Micro-pave 925 sterling silver beads, 18k white gold-plated
  • Antique silver-plated metal pendant
  • Lapis lazuli beads
  • Agatha beads

Description: Artisan crafted sophistication at its finest, Calypso is a statement boho necklace that is imposing, yet subtle at the same it. The rawness of the antique silver crescent pendant is softened by the tranquil tones of deep blue lapis lazuli. Glistening silver beads encrusted with cubic zirconia are added for a feminine touch to soften the bold contours of the focal pendant. Laced with a lovely shimmering powder blue collier, Calypso dually represents the healing nature of water and the power of stormy seas. With its rich shades of blue, this handmade piece signifies the depths of water, as well as the depths of introspective understanding.

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